I can not believe Christmas is next week! We don't even have our tree up yet! I've been so busy working on book four in the Ashley Small and Ashlee Tall series as well as pouring lots and lots of candles

I did manage to get out and visit Carlisle Elementary School in Delaware, Ohio, last week. I had such a blast! The students and staff were amazing, especially their rock star librarian (and my sweater twin) Carrie Abrahazi. I've been so busy writing, it felt great to get out of the house and meet with some readers!

A few days after the visit I received the most fabulous email that helped me to get into the Christmas spirit:

Hi Michele - my son Jack attends Carlisle Elementary in Delaware. You visited the school last week and Jack hasn't stopped talking about you. He read his entire book yesterday after school and quickly added the other two Sidney & Sydney books to his Christmas list. Today was their secret Santa shopping adventure and I told him he could pick ten people to buy presents for and he put you on his list...so cute of him!!!

Happy Holidays!

AuthorMichele Jakubowski