At the start of the school year, I received the nicest message from the grandmother of a reader:

Each day after school my granddaughter and I play the best and worst of her school day. Today her best was "I got the library book I wanted," as she proudly held up SIDNEY & SYDNEY Third Grade Mix-Up. We read 4 chapters immediately... Thanks for sharing your gift of writing with my granddaughter and so many other children who love your books!

First of all, I like to play the same game with my kids (although at 13 and 15, the answer I usually get for best part of the day is, "School ended"...). Secondly, how cool is it that I was a part of someone's best part of their day?!?

I corresponded with Nancy, the grandmother of 14 I found out, and she sent along these adorable pictures of Laney Jane with her new book. 

I can honestly say that hearing from readers is one of the best parts of writing! Thank you!

AuthorMichele Jakubowski