The past few weeks have been a big ol' blur but in a good way. One thing you may not know about  me is when I'm not writing books and visiting schools I run a small candle company called MJaxWax.  I re-purpose bottles and turn them into cool soy wax candles. It is so much fun! As you can imagine, the holidays are my busiest time making candles for people to give as gifts so I've been very busy!

I've also been busy getting out and meeting new readers. It's been a blast!  A few weeks ago I was at the Buckeye Book Fair in Wooster, OH. This past weekend I was at the Learning Rocks! Expo in Columbus. I love getting a change to meet readers! If you have an event you'd like me to attend, or would like me to visit your school, just let me know!

I'd like to say I'll get some rest after the holidays but then I need buckle down and get to work on my new series. More information on that soon!

AuthorMichele Jakubowski